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Ruby on Rails (3.0) – Routing Error

October 27, 2010

For those of you who updated to Rails 3 and tried to access your controller actions through the GET method (:controller/:action/:id), then you probably found a “Routing Error”. There’s a very simple fix to this, and it was intentionally done by the Rails developers.

Within [YourApplication]/config/routes.rb, uncomment the last line of code directly before the “end” statement. The line should read:match ':controller(/:action(/:id(.:format)))'

Once that is completed, you may restart your WEBrick server by using rails server

That’s it!

  1. DutchTraveller permalink

    Great to find my question resolved on your blog.

    Thanks so much,


  2. HaroldGR permalink

    Thanks connordenman….10+ for u…!!

  3. Mphoziza permalink

    though this is 2 years later, thanks a billion!!!

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