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Over-Clocking the AMD Athlon XP 2500+

August 22, 2010

I spent this whole week trying to optimize my AMD CPU by playing around with all the available settings in the BIOS, only to find that almost every time I started up Ubuntu, the system froze after a while of doing moderately intensive computing. I found that when the system was forced over 90%, the system would freeze. Of course, I thought it was a FSD or multiplier problem, but never did my changes actually fix the problem (for more than a few extra minutes anyway). So, finally I remembered how I had bumped the CPU voltage setting up to 1.75v, and remembered that there’s a setting that actually dynamically determines the proper voltage! After enabling this setting in the “Frequency/Something-or-Other” menu, the whole thing worked (and still is).

Happy OC-ing!


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