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“Undocumentation” in the Appcelerator Titanium’s Documentation

August 5, 2010

Playing around more and more in the Titanium framework, I’ve realized how many functions people are able to find despite their absence in the official Titanium documentation. As an example (in the Desktop version), the SQLite API has a documentation function openFile, and an undocumented one that is slightly different, open. I have found numerous other instances of this happening, only after I’ve searched the internet.

What’s your experience been like with Titanium?

Stay tuned for some Titanium tutorials on this blog and on my Youtube channel!

  1. The kitchen sink offers a lot of insight into how things are done. The API docs are great for an overview of what methods and properties are available but the ks provides the insight on how to implement those apis. I have learned a lot by looking at the example code.

  2. I can’t even get it to work, you should do a tutorial on how to install it and get to work. I suspect it only works with iOS4.

    • I’ll try to do a video tutorial on it, keep in mind the mobile framework didn’t originally work for me either…

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