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June 7, 2010


iPhone 4

It’s very pretty. And, once again, Apple has outdone just about every expectation with it. I mean, come on, look at that thing! It blows away just about anything else out there now and likely for many months to come. Just because I do this site does not mean I don’t struggle with the gadget lust just like everyone else. And, I want this so bad I can almost feel it taking up less space and weight in my pocket.

That said, the question I keep forcing myself to ask is do I need it, or is what I have now enough? I currently have an iPhone 3G. It takes great pictures, does email, web browsing, text messaging, runs apps, will run iOS 4 when it is released, and it also makes the same dropped calls everyone else’s does (if you are on AT&T at least). The fact is, it’s still a very usable device that has served me well and likely will continue to for a while.

Therefore, I’m making a decision and posting it so that you folks will help keep me accountable. I’m going to wait awhile before rushing out to buy an iPhone 4. I’m going to enjoy my iPhone 3G tomorrow just as much as I did yesterday, I’m going to do the same things with it that I would do with the new phone. For now, it is enough for me.


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