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Reading Between the iPhone OS 4.0 Lines

April 21, 2010

Reading Between the iPhone OS 4.0 Lines


John Gruber:

When the user leaves one app for another, the app that is being put into the background receives an event from the OS telling it that it is about to be paused, and at this point it has a chance to store its state, ask for time in the background to complete a task like a file upload, and register specific threads that will continue performing specific lightweight tasks like audio playback.

Take Pandora for example. When in the background, what will be running is a faceless (no UI) thread that just streams audio. Only when you re–activate Pandora — tap its icon to open the full app — will the entire app start running again.

So it’s basically doing a kill -STOP kind of thing — if not exactly that — on 3rd party processes, which, as Gruber points out, is what Androids do, and coincidentally is like what Microsoft’s doing for multitasking in Windows Phone 7 as well with their dehydrate–rehydrate mechanism. Although Engadget was told WinPho 7 won’t do background audio.


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